Hyper Backup Vault

Hyper Backup - can't delete old versions, job suspended [Solved] I let my hyper backup run my ext usb drive out of space. I get "Hyper Backup failed to connect to destination." No extra synology box or VPN required. I've done the following steps. the job is suspended, so i can't change the rotation.

You can setup Hyper backup to use rsync to backup to a linux box. I have a ticket open with Synology and I have not made any progress. If you have a Synology NAS device, using Hyper Backup is a no-brainer. Please ensure there are no backup items, protected servers or backup management servers associated with this vault. I've read online that I can go into the version list and delete old backups, but when I go there, there is no delete button. This is how it looks in Hyper Backup and the directory created on the USB hard drive.

When you upgrade a Backup vault to a Recovery Services vault, the backup data remains intact during and after the upgrade process. Aftyer updating to the latest Hyper Backup I'm no longer able to run any backups as it was working perfectly for days. Recovery Services vaults are based on the Azure Resource Manager model of Azure, whereas Backup vaults were based on the Azure Service Manager model.

... so you turn to a bank and store your jewels in a safe deposit box securely kept in a vault for extra protection and peace of mind. However, it might make sense just to get a small synology box and use Hyper Backup Vault as a turnkey solution. (Hoping to do another How-To on this later….) Step 11: Results. Hyper Backup has other options for file versioning if that better suits your needs. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issues. Hyper Backup encryption technologies explained. The review is looking at two different components: Hyper Backup and Synology's C2 backup service. References. But there was no protected data or agents connected to the Backup Vault, however, when I got the following message: “Vault cannot be deleted as there are existing resources within the vault.

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